1. General

1.1. Respect your fellow players.

1.1.1. We all joke about but don‘t be an asshole! Abusive behaviour of any sort will be dealt with accordingly.

1.2. Discrimination will not be tolerated.

1.2.1. Hate speech towards groups of racial, ethnic, national, relegious, etc. is not only against the rules of Time and Tide, but classified as a severe violation of blizzards harassment rules.

1.3. Correctly marked mains and alts.

1.3.1. We expect you to have one character tagged as a main in the guild, and the rest of your characters to be marked as alts, with their note indicating who‘s main it is.

1.4. Characters that have not logged on for a year and have not given any form of information of why have logged on, will be removed from the guild.

1.5. We use Discord as a communication method, the same rules apply for discord aswell on what is stated above and below!


2. Raiding

2.1. Set your raid status in the in-game calendar. (If you do not have an event on the calendar, ask an officer to be added)

I am definitly going to be there on time and I am fully ready to raid.

Example: My goldfish drowned and I have to send it off properly.
Use this function if you think you are going to be running late. Let us know on the forum aswell as how long you think you are going to be late so we can take that into consideration.

I will not come to the raid tonight. None can make every raid and sometimes you have some other stuff to do. If this is the case then put your self on decline as well as make a forum post about it.

2.1.1. To keep an ideal raid composition it is important for the raid leaders to know who are coming, and who aren‘t. Repeatedly not setting a status may lead to removal off of the raid invites list.

2.1.2. If you're not completely sure if you can make it, the tentative button is there for you. If you've signed accepted and realise you can't make it less than an hour before raid then approach an officer about it.


2.2. Raiders are expected to be prepared for raids.

2.2.1. Have flasks and potions ready. Asking for profession services during raid is unacceptable, do this pre-raid.

2.2.2. Discord is required to raid. No Discord – no raiding. (A microphone is recommended but not necessary.)

2.2.3. We expect everyone that are planning on coming for a raid to have researched it and thereby to have general knowledge of each boss.

2.2.3. Be online in time for invites. Accepting a raid invite on the calendar and then not showing up is incredibly rude and screws the leaders over. Repeated unexplained offenses will result in the removal of the raider rank and thereby raid invites of the offender. If you‘ve signed accepted and can‘t make it – let us know. Either contact an officer directly or post in the AFK section of the forums - that's why it's there. Let us know if you‘re going to take a pre-raid nap.

2.3. We expect you to be competent at your role.

2.3.1. We‘re not asking you to be in the top-10 of your class. We‘re asking that you do some research, and that you understand how your abilities work and how they are best used. Underperformance may lead to benching.

2.4. Respect the breaks.

2.4.1. Taking breaks in your own time is rude. We understand if you really need to pee or if the house catches on fire, but disappearing without reason outside of break times is unacceptable.

2.5. Complaints have to wait until after raid.

2.5.1. If something happens that you are unhappy with, it will have to wait until after the raid. Raid leading is tough, and we try to do it as fairly as humanly possible, but we can only do so many things at once. You won‘t get 100% attention for your case until after the raid, which is fairer to both you and the leaders.

2.6. Attendance is marked down.

2.6.1. Attendance may be taken into account when leaders have to choose between players. We understand that some people have work or other arrangements, and that's great. But higher attendance percentage will have priority over a person with a lower percentage.

You can find your attendance here.

Officers reserve the rights to change, add or remove rules, and to deal with offenses in any way they feel appropriate.