Spring Games

Gineal posted Jul 20, 16

The Spring Games!

Outside of Dalaran there are Floating Islands a member of the officers will jump down of the island and die somewhere below in Crystalsong Forrest. There will be 1 member of each team jumping down and try to die as close as they can to the officers corpse. Points will be distibuted per place per jump.

1. You have to die hitting the ground! (so no silly disengages or other shenanigans)

2. The use abilities that allow you to change the course of your jump are also prohibited.

3. The use of Swapblasters and other toys are prohibited

When the rules have been broken, your jump will then be declared invalid and you will have to jump again.

Screenshot Competition:

This event lasts all week during which you must try to take screenshots that are similar to the ones in one of the galleries on the Time and Tide enjin. You will earn points depending how accurately your pictures resemble the ones we took in advance.

Screenshots will be unlocked after Lawn Darts. You can turn them in untill the officers start reviewing them.

The Jukebox:
Gathering Point: Pending

Kaian wil play sound files from games and from songs over Teamspeak. Everyone can guess but you need to answer within a minute. Depending on if you gues it right you will score points.

Only one person per team can answer.

Hide and Seek:
Gathering Point: Shrine of the Seven Stars

World of warcraft has a few locations where this event can be played (depending on the groups size). There are 2 different types of hide and seek, the first type is to find Kaian and the first person to trade with him will earn point for the respective team.

The second type is where everyone else hides except for kaian where he will go and find others. To add a degree of difficulty: whenever a person is found, that person will help kaian to find others. After a certain amount of time people will be told to reveal their location to see how many people are still hidden. Each member that is still hidden will be awarded a certain amount of points and will be added to the respective team.

Everyone gets a [Stealthman 54] which cloaks you as long as you stand still, once stealth is broken the stealthman will get a 10 min cooldown. So do not move once it is applied. 

One round is over when either Kaian has been traded to, when everyone is found or when the time limit is reached.

Awareness Check people!:
Gathering Point: Shrine of the Seven Stars

People will be asked to go to certain location and they can look around for 10 minutes.
After 10 minutes they will be teleported away and they will be asked questions about the area they were just in.

All the rules will be explained again before the event starts and if you have questions you can ask those before the start of the event.